Boys Night in Kona

Despite the awful picture (I blame the photographer), the boys had a great time in Kona yesterday.  Mr A took Ikaika to see his first movie in the theater - Cars 2!  Mr A complained it was boring, but after reminding him that the movie is intended for children and the "point" was for Ikaika to do some 'big boy' activity with Dad, he agreed it was fun.
Afterward, we picked up Uncle Stevie and enjoyed a breathtaking sunset while they planned for the upcoming football season (introducing the new offensive and defensive coordinator for the Waimea Cowboys!).  I was hardly paying attention: that sunset was killer!  Honestly, I had a spiritual experience on the upper balcony of Humpy's Alehouse.

This picture makes me laugh.  Koa is clearly trying to steal his brother's sandwich but his face is so calm.  Ikaika might be kolohe but Koa seems to be sneaky.  I haven't decided yet which is worse.

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