Pool Partay!!!

Today was the final pool party in what seems like a marathon of kids' parties (seriously, was everyone born in the summer?).  Ikaika has been doing well with waterwings in the pool (open ocean, not so much - he doesn't seem to like getting his head/face wet).  The following video is of him swimming - nothing exciting, if you aren't my mother you should probably skip watching it.

Koa's only there for the food.

This last party was a double feature (girl turning 1, boy turning 3).  I know my friends are crafty but this goes above and beyond!  It was a mermaid/shark theme and everything...I mean EVERYTHING from the decorations to the food was in step with the theme.  Incredible.  I really appreciated the attention to detail and especially laughed at this fruit bowl aka "shark barf".    

This blue frosting was the craziest stuff.  After cake, every kid looked like a smurf.  Luckily, none of the parents were wearing white pants ;) 
I wish I had gotten a picture of the squid hot dogs they were serving: hot dogs half wrapped in a crescent roll then the end was cut to look like tentacles.  Too cute.

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