2011 Kona Marathon 5K

 "Yo, wife, nevermind the camera!  Race is starting in 5min!!!"

This morning we woke up at 430am and, thanks to some careful preparation and planning ahead, were able to be on the road at 5:01am.  We headed down to Keauhou (Kona) for our 2nd family 5K race - the 2011 Kona Marathon!  What a blast!!!

Our official time was 31:03 but I clocked it on my watch at 30:42 (there was a hold up at the finish line and, frankly, navigating the double stroller through the gate was no small feat) either way, it's an improvement from our last race.  I finished 114 out of 401 overall and was 13th in my age division. 

I see a lot of young kids (5 year olds!) running with their parents.  I hope someday our kids will be running road races with us, too.  And not only because pushing them slows me down ;)  It's fun to be active and be able to all compete together. It's a great family activity that we all enjoy and now we can't wait for the next 5K...I wonder which one it will be???

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