The All American Pasttime

Today we played baseball out in the yard because Waimea weather finally decided to be agreeable (the summer solstice was yesterday - its about damn time).  My sister's husband, a baseball addict (I can say it on the blog, right?) and captain of the Beloit College baseball team, hand selected this glove for Ikaika because no nephew of his was going to have some loser "kid glove" - it needed to be the real deal.  Thanks Uncle Ethan, we are trying our best to encourage the habit over here.  

Please excuse how he looks like a character from Dragonball Z.  That hair just has a life of it's own.

Mr A was showing him the other day how to pitch.  Clearly, Ikaika is still working out the fine mechanics, but he was very insistent when it was my turn (I just stood there and tossed the ball at him) - "no mommy, lift your foot up!"

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