Built By You! summer shirt reconstruction

My friend over on Fletchers Farm posted a challenge this week (or at least I took it as a challenge) to make something using Simplicity 3835.  I just happen to have that exact pattern in my crazy collection, so you can only imagine the excitement. 
I also have Sew You, the sewing book from the same designer, and I love these clothes.  They are simple, modern, and always fit just right.  Not to mention the patterns aren't fussy at all, any dip with a sewing machine can finish them (case in point: this shirt).

I was also excited to use this dress for a recon!  My good friend (with great style) gave this to me and I loved the fabric, but the dress never fit me right.  It would always slide down at just the wrong time, etc.  I eventually stashed it away in a trunk and when I was hunting for fabric yesterday, it called out to me, "I am a summer top!"

Not only are both the color and the pattern adorable, the fabric is so worn and soft.  I even was able to incorporate the lining of the original dress!  Easy pattern + favorite fabric = the perfect recon 

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  1. Wow, I am amazed! That is sooooo cute!