Aloha Oe Hawaiian Quilt

Today is officially Kanani's last day as a resident of the Big Island.  :(  I am deeply saddened to see her go (it was fun to drop by with the boys, watch movies, drink tea, go to the beach, have crafty parties, eat...really, just getting to know her was such a gift) but I know it's for the best.  Sigh...

As a farewell gift, I made her this quilt.  It's done in a sort of modified Hawaiian style (a real Hawaiian quilt might take years to finish so I went with a machine version that doesn't have as much detail in the quilting or applique work).  The motif is a taro plant, which symbolizes family.  I quilted hearts in the large corner leaves.

(I'm a little embarassed to show this detail because you can see how poor my quilting skills actually are!  The "A" was supposed to be subtle and it turned out more like "HI!  I'M A GIANT 'A' IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLANKET!!!")

The binding was made from the same fabric I used for Ikaika's nursery/baby blanket.  I thought that was a nice way to incorporate a little piece of our life that she can take with her when she leaves.

Sigh...I'm gonna miss that girl...

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