Ikaika's First Field Trip

Ikaika took his first field trip with Tutu & Me Preschool.  My friend watched Koa so we could ride on the bus (only 2+ yrs can go on the bus).  We went to the Hilton Waikoloa to see animals that lay eggs, our theme for April.

Auntie Kanoe helped him feed Koi in the fish pond.  She also made sure he didn't take a bath.  What a great teacher!

We got to ride on the shuttle around the resort.  Trains are always fun.

We saw Nene (Hawaiian goose, endangered state bird, lives on the slopes of Mauna Kea) and flamingos (creepy knees, I don't like them)

"Look this way boys!"  Shinta and Kaika were both very interested in riding the bronze rhino but not so much interested in taking a picture about it.

At the end, we ate lunch in the shade with a view of the dolphin discovery program.  After watching that documentary The Cove, I could hardly enjoy it and had to restrain myself from ruining it for my kid, too.  Ugh.  Grrr.  Just watch the movie and prepare to never enjoy captive dolphin shows ever again.

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