Tutu & Me Traveling Preschool

I took the boys to their first day of Tutu & Me today.  Wondering why it took me so long to get them enrolled (esp. Ikaika)...

This program is really cute.  It's held at one of the churches in town (Imiola on Church Row).  They start with circle time where they stretch, sing, read a story and also - gasp - do the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer!  I couldn't be much more excited about that if I tried!  Most of the curriculum is Hawaiian based and introduces basic Hawaiian vocabulary.  Then there are learning stations and the kids have about an hour and a half to go to different areas and play games or do crafts, etc.  They have snacks provided (soy AND dairy milk!) and the activities are both indoor and outdoor.  There is a weekly book borrowing program and a monthly field trip (this month is to the Hilton).

The only thing I haven't quite figured out is how to play with Ikaika and Koa at the same time.  Ikaika is too big and can't go into the infant area.  Koa can go anywhere but it's kind of hard to really play with Ikaika when I'm watching Koa and vice versa.  The kids need to be supervised by a caregiver so I guess I'll just have to suck it up, talk to the other adults, and ask someone to keep an eye on him.

Ikaika...  I don't know about that kid sometimes.  It's probably because he's new to this (and my expectations are way too high) but he struggles with following directions in a group, sitting in a group, etc.  He likes to play and doesn't have any kind of attachment issues (thank God), but he's not used to school-y type learning situations.  We've been debating about putting him into Aha Punana Leo next year (full-time preschool) and I'm starting to feel like, enormous APL tuition aside, I want to just try something small like this for awhile and see if he runs with it.  I know boys mature slower than girls and it's possible that he's not really ready for more structured learning.

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