Log Cabins for Japan

I came across this on Punkin Patterns and decided that it was about time I started crafting for good (not evil).
Log Cabins for Japan
It's so simple. Make a "log cabin" style quilt square and send it to Minnesota by Friday April 8th (or early next week).  They patch em all together and quilt em into a blanket.  The blankets go to Japanese people who have been affected by the tsunami.

I found a few scraps of fabric and cut them into 2.5" wide strips.  The polka dot one was my first square and I had every intention of making one or two more.  Then Mr A fell asleep while watching the NCAA Women's Bball Final and Ikaika was being so good while Koa took a nap...I ended up going kind of bat-poo crazy.  I only stopped because I ran out of fabric.

I asked Ikaika if he wanted to lay on the ground and take a picture with the squares.  This isn't exactly what I had in mind...

Here's the conversation with my 2 year old about what I was doing
Ikaika: "what are you making me mommy?" 
Mom: "I'm not making you anything, I'm making a blanket for people who lost their homes" 
Ikaika: "I have a home"
Mom: "exactly, that's why the blanket isn't for you."

So, seriously, if you can sew and have 30 extra minutes, please make some squares and send them ASAP to:

attn: Log Cabins for Japan
5 West Diamond Lake Road
Minneapolis, MN 55419

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  1. Fun blocks! Thanks for making them and thanks for blogging about Log Cabins for Japan. Wish that cute little guy was included with the blocks ;) Best wishes! -Annik