This morning I overheard by 2 year old punishing himself.  He was shouting at himself (in a really nasty tone) "you go to your room and think about it", "it's time for time-out", "that is a naughty thing to do", etc.

I know he was just role-playing and that it's a healthy part of development, but it made me sad!  Do I talk like that?!  (I know I say those things, but do I really sound so mean?)  Is that just stuck in his little memory?  What about all the nice things I say, why doesn't he role-play that?!

I would have been happier if he had said quietly to himself in a calm tone of voice, "honey, I can see you are upset and I am upset too.  Maybe you should go to your room and spend some quiet time with yourself for awhile.  that's a good boy.  I love you."

Yeah right.  Apparently, I'm just as much of a nag as the next mom. 

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