Crafting some Headbands

Glue gun fun!  I've been scoping out the scene over on You Seriously Made That!? and - although I went there for the rosette tutorial - I got all into these crocheted headbands.

I've never used my glue gun this much.  Gotta say, I love the convenience.

Ikaika begged to model one of the headbands and then made a mockery of his responsibility.  Wouldn't sit still and kept giving me all the wrong angles.  Sigh...two year olds...

 At least here you can kind of see the knot.  I did this headband in Knox colors (instead of one solid color) and I like the results.

I didn't have ribbon that was wide enough so I thought I would try some elastic instead (thinking the color wouldn't matter since I could wear it with my hair down).  Bad idea.  The stretch in the crochet strings means that this headband needs the adjustable feature of ribbon ties.  The way it is here, it tends to stretch out while wearing it and after awhile gets loose.  Also, turns out this headband would be clutch with a ponytail/messy bun - so the crazy colors are now, in fact, a problem.

Oh well, lesson learned.  Wait until you have all the supplies, THEN start the project!

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