In the Mood for Crafts

I went nuts with the crafts tonight.  The annoying/frustrating/predictable thing about me is that even if I have things that "need" to get done (for example, the taro quilt or my mom's Christmas afghan), when I get into the mood (the crafty mood) I rarely make progress on any of that stuff.  Instead, I spend hours and hours working on other - less consequential - things. 

Tonight I started with another headband (see previous post).  These little rosettes are super cute but were kind of a pain to figure out how to make and I'm still not even sure I did it "right".  I want to make some and post them onto alligator clips - that seems more versatile than headbands. This purple band is "girl" sized so I'm obviously not going to be wearing this.  What the hell am I even going to do with this thing?  Why did I even make it?
Sigh...  Whatever, it's cute.

I followed that up with some gauchos.  These could not be any easier to make.  I used a 2XL shirt from Mr As give-away pile/my fabric hoarding pile.  I'm getting my comfy on at this very moment.

Then I covered my travel wipes case with fabric (from Ikaika's first bday shirts).  This is so much better than the boring ole plastic Huggies thing I've been rocking for the past 3 years.  Why has it taken me so long to do this?  It literally took me a half hour. 

Then I made this eye pillow stuffed with flax seed and lavender.  I made one of these for a care package last week and felt like I added too much lavender oil - but that didn't stop me from dumping a ton of oil into this one too!  I could put it in the garage and still benefit from the aromatherapy while laying in bed.

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