Water Baby

Koa doesn't like the water.

When he was born, the amniotic sac was partially covering his head.  One of the Aunties told us that meant he was spiritually connected to the water.  Apparently, they forgot to pass him the memo.  He will sit on the beach and eat sand for hours but if the ocean touches his foot - look out!
He doesn't even seem to enjoy baths.  Despite the fact that Ikaika is in there playing around, he will just fuss and cry and try to stand up/get out.  I usually have to wash him quick and be done with it.  This might be my fault because I didn't bathe him all that often when he was a newborn (three times a month, maybe?)

Because I was promised a "water baby", I'm a little disappointed that he's not splashing, laughing and having a blast down at the beach, in the tub, etc.

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