Hawaii Tsunami Warning (part 2)

After the devastating earthquake that hit northern Japan earlier, a tsunami warning has now been issued for the Pacific - including Hawaii.  It's supposed to hit around 3am.

Last year we had a major tsunami scare after the earthquake in Chile and it turned out to be less than nothing.  Crazy panic and nothing happened.  Praise God!  But seriously, CRAZY PANIC... and nothing happened.  I'm hoping that is what this will turn out to be.

It's 11pm and the sirens have already gone off three time.  I admit, I'm starting to feel the rush of adrenaline.  I have never seen so many cars on the street in Waimea past sunset.  Mr A was in Kona earlier playing basketball and he said people are literally running around - a true madhouse.  He couldn't even get gas because it was basically impossible.  They are in the process of evacuating the hotels and I'm in the process of being glued to my facebook instead of my midterm paper.

Last time I sent Mr A out to get emergency rations he came home with four bags of chips, a gallon of water and some bread pudding.  I haven't been grocery shopping this week so I'm a little nervous about being so unprepared, food-wise.  Other than that, I think we could manage in an emergency.  We would probably just go crash at a friend's (more well stocked) house anyway.

So, no panic.  I put my faith in God and just wait for the craziness to subside.  And, in the meantime, Im staying glued to facebook and KHNL news.  

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