Mothers of Preschoolers Steering Team

I remember when we first moved over here and Mr A was working 2 or 3 jobs on any given day.  It was just me and the baby, by ourselves for hours and hours.  To make matters worse, we lived in a 400 square foot garage.  Mr A needed the car for work and we were too far away from town to walk anywhere.  It got very lonely.

But then I found MOPS and after two years I have made some amazing girlfriends and my kids have made friends, too.  Unfortunately, a lot of these moms eventually will move off the island.  That probably won't hamper our friendship and there are some moms, like myself, who are here for good.  At any rate, MOPS is just what I have been wanting since college - a group of friends to call my own!

This year I took on some leadership in the group by joining the steering team as (brace yourselves) finance director!  Haha!  Anyone who even sort of knows me and is reading this probably just choked on their beverage of choice.  Seriously, I took over the money handling.  I did this because I want to be better at managing my own finances and there's no substitute for practical experience.  It's been going really well - helps that I use Quickbooks, which is super simple.

The exciting news now is that next year I am taking on even more responsibility, I am going to be a "table leader"!  MOPS is great - there is friendship, support, two hours without children, etc.  But it's also great because I have an opportunity to volunteer my talents to help others.  Without the steering team, there would be no group, and without groups like this, moms like me would still be at home in their 400 sq foot garage wondering are there any other people on this island?

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