Kona Brewfest 5K Run for Hops 2011

One of my goals for this year was to run in a 5K, which I did on New Years (along with a polar bear dive!).  But it was just so darn fun, that I had to do it again.  This morning the entire ohana woke up early, headed down to Kona, and ran in the Kona Brewfest "Run for Hops" 5K!

Mr A's coworker, big-man Jamie brought all 6'9" of himself and his daughter, too!

It was tough, but we stayed together the whole time.  Again, my strategy of picking a running partner who paces just slightly faster than me paid off - we came in at 32:22!  We finished 102 out of 262 runners and I got 9th in my division!!!  I'm happy with that because, if you factor in pushing a stroller, I probably ran faster than the last race :)  Mr A says we were the first stroller to cross the finish line but I can't verify that.

I was so exhausted after the race.  Bleh.  Mr A could probably have ran 5 more.  It's so unfair how good of shape he is in!

We asked Ikaika to take a picture of us...

And to the victor go the spoils!  There was a keg of free Longboard Lager from Kona Brewing Co. (the after race was held in the parking lot of the brewery) along with pupus and music, etc.  I even ran into a friend from MOPS who is 8 months preggo and was pushing her other kid in a stroller - now THAT is a road warrior!

But then it was becoming obvious that the boys had been awake since 530am and we thought it was probably a good idea to head out.

Mr A has now caught the racing bug, too.  I foresee another family 5K before the end of the year.

BTW: I didn't notice any destruction from the tsunami while we were down there. But you couldn't pay me money to swim in the ocean today (who knows what those waves churned up).

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