Operation Christmas Child MOPS Charity Event

Today was a MOPS event for Operation Christmas Child.  This is a national Christian charity project where you stuff a shoebox with toys, school supplies, hygiene things, etc. and send those boxes to less fortunate (is that the PC term for "poor"?) kids around the world.  For some kids, it's their first experience of Christmas - not just the gifts, but the whole Christ part of Christ-mas.

We had so many donations this year!  We stuffed at least 25 and probably could have done more but we ran out of boxes!  Everyone was very generous with their donations.  Some of these items were nicer than what I buy my own kids for Xmas.  See that basketball?  Oh yeah...I donated that.

Here's what the boxes look like when they are all ready to go.  There are three different age groups to choose from and you can pack it for either a boy or a girl.  That way 14 year old boys aren't getting hello kitty lip balm for Christmas :)

Starbucks, a faithful supporter of MOPS, donated this ten cup jug for our packing party.   Thanks!  I think this little to-go thing is so cute, too.

Ikaika, of course, had a blast playing with his little friends all morning while we packed boxes.  Yesterday, when we were shopping for stuff in WalMart, I kept explaining to him that all these toys and toothbrushes were going to little kids who didn't have as much as we did.  I don't know if he got it, but it made me feel good to be able to involve him in a service project - since I strongly believe that is what the holidays are all about.  Ikaika liked picking things out and I let him draw in the cards that we packed inside the boxes.

Do you like the sweater vest?  It helps to counteract the crazy hair he's had going on lately.  Thanks, Granny.

Oh Koa.  You very desperately needed a nap after all that excitement this morning!

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