Stout young men

According to the latest check up, my children are short and fat.  Well, not exactly short (ok, Koa is short) but they are proportionately heavier than they are long.  I would venture to say that Ikaika may be considered overweight for his height (his BMI is slightly higher than average) and Koa would be considered a sausage.

I was sad to see the percentile chart.  Call it what you want, blame it on our education system's emphasis of standardized testing, it made me feel like a failure to see that my kids were not excelling in every category.  I want my kids to be above average - 90%+ - in everything, and that apparently includes height and weight. 

Crazy mom moment?

You bet!  But, upon further consideration, I became somewhat concerned about how our eating habits may be affecting our children.  Mr A and I both eat way more than the recommended serving size.  Portion control is a foreign language in this house.  I knew Ikaika eats a lot.  But I wonder how much of that is him being truly hungry and how much of it is the constant praise he gets for being a "good eater"?  Or how much of it is him watching us eat huge meals?  With Koa, I have even began to give him a bottle of formula at night because I don't think he's getting enough to eat - which is clearly not the case. 

Hmm...I'm going to bank on them eventually growing out of it (or into it, depending on how you look at it).

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