My Son, the Drag Queen

Granted, this is not the best picture (it was taken on my phone with a tremendous amount of backlight).  I wanted to share my latest and possibly greatest idea - BEHOLD!  MY DAUGHTER!!!

With Mr As vasectomy date approaching, it is becoming more of a reality that I will never have a little girl to call my very own.  I believe that Kekoa, with those long locks and big eyes, can pass for an acceptably cute girl.  So, since he is small enough to not care (or remember) - I have decided to occasionally dress him like a girl.  Bows, dresses, bloomers - you name it!  I started today at MOPS, as you can see, with a curly little clip borrowed from my friend Jill's daughter Lily.  Koa doesn't look happy about it but I think that had more to do with the fact that I was simultaneously feeding him and drinking Starbucks. 

I'm going to go balls out (so to speak) next week so stay tuned :)

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