3 1/2 Months - Holding Head Up

Kekoa is a little over 3 and half months old now.  From what I understood at his last doctors appointment, he's "supposed to be" rolling over.  He's done it once or twice but with no real consistency in effort.  I wonder if he will learn things faster or slower than Ikaika.  Sure, he has another little kid to look up to, but I take a much less active role in his development since I have about a million other things going on during my day.

Here's his latest trick - holding his head up! 

Just look how high he gets that noggin'!  That's a solid few inches and he can hold it there for 15-20 seconds.
(Mr A made fun of me for making this blanket because Ikaika was practically walking but now it's so fun and useful -so neener neener)

"Phew!  What a workout!"

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