Two Kids: Day 3

It's now the third day of having 2 kids instead of 1.  Mr A has been spending lots of time with Ikaika and taking him everywhere so I've had time to bond with Koa and get feeding/sleeping/diapering established. 

Breastfeeding is absolutely no easier this time around.  In fact, I would say its been more difficult.  I already have scabs and Koa isn't as ambitious about a bottle so pumping hasn't exactly been my saving grace. 

Sleeping has been alright.  He's a 5lb midget, so he's been sleeping a ton.  I've decided that it is more important for me to sleep than it is to make sure he sleeps in a bassinet.  Therefore, he's been sleeping in bed with us at night.  I have to admit: I like the snuggling.

He fits premie diapers like a glove so I guess I have to stop making fun of my mom for buying them.  Diapering little babies like this is frustrating because they get dirty so often but they aren't "that" dirty.  It's such a little mess!  I've been able to catch a couple poops in the sink - yay EC!  He finally got rid of his sticky black newborn poo today so it's been more manageable.   


  1. Wow! Look at all that dark hair! So adorable! I want to see what he looks like with eyes open!

  2. So, what color are his eyes anyway?

  3. thats a great question. they say kids eye color can change. the doctor told me his eyes look "dark" but i think they look exactly like Ikaikas (meaning: light) Only time will tell.