Post Delivery Check Up

Koa went in for his first check up today. 

All the nurses and doctors kept calling him Curtis, which of course is his name, but is not supposed to be his identifying name.  I have to fill out all the paperwork with his legal first name so it's going to take a lifetime of correcting people.  Sigh...  Well, the name wouldn't have "worked" any other way (Kekoaokamakua Curtis Arrayan?  I think not!) so my hands were tied. 

He's 6 whole pounds!  The doctor was very surprised.  She said most babies don't gain back their birth weight for another two or three weeks.  It helps to know that despite the frustration with breastfeeding, at least he is still eating well.

His weight is only in the 10th percentile and his length is the 26th.  So much smaller than his brother.  He also has major eye boogers but doc said that was probably just a plugged tear duct and nothing serious. 

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