Koa: Now with Eyes Open!

I am hoping for a brown eyed baby - but so far that's not looking so promising.  They say babies eye color can't be determined until around 6 months and, even after that, it can change over the course of several years.  I asked the pediatrician at the hospital whether he thought Koa's eyes were "light" or "dark" and he said "dark".  He's seen more baby eyes than I have, but I'm still not convinced these eyes aren't light. 

My older sister and I both have light blue eyes, which is weird since our parents have dark eyes (granted, my mom's are hazel).  People used to think we were twins based on this feature alone (we really don't look alike in any other way).  Light eyes are more of a commodity here in Hawaii, but I still think brown eyed boys are so handsome!  And it would be a nice change of pace to see something a little different around the house. 


  1. I would have to say that his eyes look dark blue. But, like you said, his eyes will probably continue to change for many years. When are you going to treat us to Koa's birth story? I really wanna hear it!!

  2. I didn't know eye color could change that much in the first six months. Whatever his eye color, he's a cutie patootie!