Framing and Displaying a College Diploma

Mr A wants to frame and display our college diplomas. Bleh.

I'm extremely proud of having earned my Bachelor's and anyone who knows me knows that I am a proud, proud alumnus of Knox College. However, the actual document does nothing but annoy me, which is why I've kept it tucked away in my bookshelf for 6 years.

Notice how it says "RITE" smack in the middle of the paper? What is that?

It is a blatant reminder of my academic inadequacy, that's what it is!!!

That space is typically reserved for Latin honors (cum laude, magna and summa cum laude) but for all the other dummies they just fill in the gap with "rite".
I wanted to receive Latin honors SO BADLY! Freshman year, before I cared about these kinds of things, I slacked off and rationalized it - a sad continuation of my attitude towards high school. I earned not one but two C's (in art history, no less). By the time I got my act together junior year, I was abroad where grades didn't count towards my overall GPA. And senior year it was just too little too late. I graduated .05% below the cum laude benchmark.

Now my diploma is stamped with the word "RITE", which is practically as big as my name! They don't even print our majors on the certificate! And is it just me or is that font super boring?! ARRG!

Maybe displaying this will force me to come to terms with it. This will compel me to focus on my achievement rather than dwell on my short-comings. Hopefully, I'll figure out that this is just a stupid piece of paper and it doesn't lend anything to my college experience that wasn't already there.
...or maybe I'll just wait until we move and then "accidentally lose" them back into the bookshelf!

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