Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated Father's Day today. First we went to the park and the boys golfed. Notice the match-match outfits. ***So precious***

Ikaika has really been jammin' with his plastic golf set. He's able to get loft with that "iron", although I'm not sure how.

Then we went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall, Hawaiian Style Cafe.

So delicious, so cheap, so much food! Mr A dined on the veal cutlet and I got the pineapple sausage with eggs.

I was totally content with the first plate and then these massive pancakes arrived. I knew I was in trouble.

After lunch I dropped the devoted father of my children off at the day spa for a foot scrub, massage, and ice cream dessert. To preserve his masculinity I decided not to photograph him in the pedicure chair.

Happy Father's Day, Mr A. You NO KA OI!

(...but Ikaika still knows who's the boss!)

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