Travel Crafting for a Toddler

In 48 short hours we will be boarding an airplane and headed for some much needed QT with family!

How do I spend my days in preparation?  Cleaning some, baking lots (can't starve on the flight!), packing intermittently, and crafting - of course!  Here's what happened today.

After making granola bars, I revisited Ikaika's carry-on bag.  I picked this bag up from the thrift store, washed it and repaired a few tears in the lining.  I like the fact that the lining is plastic, but that didn't seem enough.

I sewed in this elastic strap to hold up sippy cups so there wouldn't be any unexpected spills.  I don't trust the little gerber no-leak things.

Action shot.

Then I made a travel case for some of his toiletries.  I like these little square pouches.  They look small but are very roomy and can fit all kinds of stuff.  The bag is lined in the same material (which used to be a curtain but said curtain doesn't fit any of our current windows).

Then I used the same material and made a "diaper clutch".  Mr A got a real kick out of the fact that a "diaper clutch" and a "diaper bag" are different baby accessories.  I think this is just perfect for a kid Ikaika's age because he's beyond the point of needing the full bag when we go out but it's always necessary to have a diaper on hand!  And this keeps everything cute and organized! 

Unfortunately, I didn't measure very carefully so it was a little too narrow.  I used some grosgrain ribbon to widen the sides - problem solved.

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