A Baby Girl Shower

Last weekend, one of my dear friends from MOPS had a baby shower!  Tiffiny is due in the first week of July and we are all very, very excited to meet little Chole Kealoha!

Gatherings of women are always fun, and I particularly like baby showers because there is both food and games involved.  I didn't win any of the games (one was eat baby food and guess the flavor - you can only imagine how poorly I did at that).  I was a little more than bummed about it and surprised at how competitive I was being. It appears my husband is starting to rub off on me...

This little 7lb sweetie is almost 7 weeks old!  I NEVER had a baby this small! I fed her a bottle and actually had to ask another mom if I was burping her correctly.  How quickly I have forgotten everything!  Holding this baby made me excited and nervous all at the same time.  I like Ikaika's durability - a newborn's helplessness frightens me just a little.

What a beautiful pregnant mommy, simply glowing with folic acid and virgin daiquiris!  I got her some links she had registered for (I thought they were so cute, I put them on my registry, too!) and made them into an open lei.  Although fresh flower leis can't be beat, I really like functional leis that have a "purpose" beyond the actual event.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you made a registry because I'm totally a bad friend and have been lazy in the baby shower shopping department.

  2. I cannot believe your are blaming Mr. A for being competitive. Puh-lease!