New Mommy Hair & Belly Update

Got a new haircut today.  I've been wearing my hair in a ponytail with the bangs clipped back for two months now - it was time for a change.  Although this is shorter (and slightly more matronly) than I typically wear it, I think it will grow out nicely.  Granny commented yesterday that my skin looks nice - I'm surprisingly inclined to agree.  Thanks Pregnancy Glow! 

...and here's the belly!  I'm not sure what week we are in now.  I'm still due August 11th so it's the end of the 7th month, beginning of the 8th.  Numerous people have commented that I seem smaller than I was with Ikaika.  Granted, I have gained less weight so far, but I don't feel malnurished.  The constant questioning of my size has been making me unnecessarily nervous about the health of the fetus, which is the same mentality that led to a massive weight gain during my first pregancy.


  1. Your hair is beautiful!! I don't think it's a bad thing that you're smaller. It's a good thing. You look beautiful!! I was going to point out that your skin does look really nice too! I like your striped shirt too. Where did you get it? Hahahha!

  2. Goodwill in Freemont! Can I get a "hoot! hoot!" for $1.50 maternity garb?!