Wearing a Hat - and Loving It!

This morning while we were cleaning out his closet, Ikaika found a hat that a friend gave us last summer. At the time it was too big, but it appears to fit now and he's into it! He's been wearing it all morning. In fact, getting him to take it off in order to put a shirt on almost lead to a full-on fit.

Since I haven't posted a video for awhile, here's Ikaika taking his newest accessory for a test drive.

On a different note, it's been difficult lately to get any good pictures of the boy. He's very interested in the camera so whenever I turn it on he runs up to me and attempts to look at the screen on the back. I can sometimes get candid shots, but a majority of the time they end up looking like this:

This may explain why the blog has been lacking great photos of my son.

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  1. What does his shirt say?!! Halfie/Whitey? What kind of shirt is that?