Little Opihi'z - Cute Island Style Shirts for Kids and Babies

I got a question about the boys shirt in that last post and I love that sweatshirt so much, I decided it needed it's own post on the blog!

It's from Little Opihi'z, which was created by a lady who lives here in Waimea. I saw her stuff at a couple craft fairs and shops around town. The website lists some, but not all, of her adorable designs. Cute "local kine" sayings like "Big Island Boy" or "Kolohe Girl" are just a few of the phrases that are embroidered onto her shirts, sweatshirts, and onesies.

I rarely (and with great pain) spend more than a dollar on clothes for Ikaika, but this was just too darn cute. And it's supporting another local mom's business, so I'm all about paying full price for that. Ikaika's shirt says "Hapa Haole" which indeed does mean "halfie whitey". I bought it when he was a year old and it's size 4T so I'm hoping to get as much wear out of it as possible!

I've been drooling over the little camo-colored shirts that say "Big Braddah" and "Lil Braddah". But I haven't quite worked up the guts to drop that much money again...

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  1. I looked up Little Opihi'z online just to check it out, and your blog came up. Just wanted to thank you for blogging about my little business, and the sweatshirt totally matches your son.