Mahalo, Tommy Bahamas!

Today was some kind of something at Tommy Bahamas at the Mauna Lani Shops. All I knew is that free food was involved.
When we got there a Hawaiian priest was doing a prayer over the store so I'm assuming that it was an opening of something(?).

There were kids doing hula - so cute! As a side note, I love dances that use implements like the feathered rattle gourd and the split bamboo.

There was also tapa stamping.

Of course, tapa takes way too long to make so we just stamped bookmarks with acrylic paint. This is mine.

Then there was food. Sweet, delicious, FREE food! The whole spread was nothing short of incredible. Kalua pork, sandwiches, sashimi, poke, lomi lomi shrimp, pipi kaula (smoke meat), gumbo, haupia (coconut pudding), pineapple cream cake (I had 3 of these!), and our little friend pictured above. There was also an extensive wine tasting, which we didn't partake in but sure looked fancy.

Ikaika didn't even know where to start! He ate an entire plate (minus the cake, since I ate it) and enjoyed sips of mommy's mango iced tea with passion fruit nectar. Mmmmmm!!!

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