Ode to The Donald

When my family was here, Beth was the first to point out that Ikaika's haircut looked like a toupee.  I would have been offended, but the evidence was irrefutable.  I got a second opinion from mom (yes, it indeed looked like a comb-over), thanked them for their honesty, and promptly reached for the clippers.

I used the #4 comb on the dirt cheap clipper set Mr A uses to cut his hair.  Not only is it a million times faster (and therefore, easier) than using scissors and a comb, it's efficient.  Sure, he looks a little more devious - "...like a bully who beats up nerds" - but almost all the hair got cut evenly.  I can't believe I didn't use this technique before!  Simple.  I have decided that my son will be getting clipped at home until he goes to college.

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