Having a sibling is almost like the first taste of married life.  Whereas parents are there to provide for our needs, siblings are much more autonomous but still permenant.  We learn to resolve conflict and express emotion, we learn to set our personal feelings aside for the sake of family harmony.  Through the trials, we find a lifelong companion, a continuous support, and a true friendship.  For me, it runs much deeper than just sharing or having playmates.

Beth and I were discussing this weekend about growing up and being sisters, etc.  At first it would seem that we are the quintessential opposites.  She has always been scholarly, shy, and responsible.  I'm creative, loud, and impulsive.  But, as we've gotten older, we notice that we have always been much more similar than we have ever been different.  We probably exaggerated our differences when we were young in order to carve out an identity within the family.  Now that we are adults it seems perfectly normal that we would be close friends.  Having a sister who is so different from me on the surface and learning to love her has taught me to be open minded and receptive to relationships that may at first seem unlikely or even impossible. 

Two-thirds of the sister pie!  Thanks Beth, for the fantastic week and insightful chats.

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