Do I Get Sick Leave?

Mr A brought home the stomach flu from those runny-nosed disease factories he teaches at school.  He had it bad on Monday/Tuesday, I caught it like crazy yesterday, and now I am just waiting for Ikaika to display some symptoms. 

Yesterday I barely had energy to stand up, let alone be a parent.  I did things I swore I would never do: I let him watch hours upon hours of television, I fed him whatever was fast, and let him eat on the couch.  When Mr A came home from work I practically jumped out of my skin I was so relieved!

Being ill and being a mom sucks - kids don't care if you can't keep food down, kids don't care if you are about to pass out every time you stand up, kid don't care if you are sick!  Now I want my mom to come here and take care of me so I can completely ignore her needs. It's only fair.

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