Waikoloa Holiday Parade!

This Saturday, I tricked out the stroller so Ikaika and I could walk n wave in the Waikoloa Holiday Parade!  MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) was behind my participation.  It was nothing short of wild getting all those kids organized enough to march in a 1.5 mile parade.  Thank you Waikoloa Lions Club for having the "Zoo Choo Train" directly in front of us - almost every single kid took a ride at some point.  Ickey didnt exactly understand the role he played in all this - but I did catch him waving back to people several times.  He even wore the Santa hat for part of the actual parade (although I dont know how he tolerated that thing since it was about 90 degrees out). 

Afterward, there was a holiday festival at the elementary school complete with a Filipino magician and free pictures with Santa.  I let the baby eat the complimentary hot dog (on a white bun - gag!) because I wasnt organized enough to pack a lunch in the morning.  Stupid mother.  Still kicking myself about that one...

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  1. Anonymous16.12.09

    This is TOO Funny! I was just blog surfing...actually pressed the "next blog" button for fun and got to your blog. I looked at the baby and saw that the baby's name was Ikaika. I thought to myself...I know somebody else who named their son that and he's about the same age. Yeah, that guy, Curtis, who worked at our gym here in Portland...and wait a minute...that even looks like his son...and wait a minute...it is! What a nice surprise. The gym isn't the same without Curtis, but we have a nice lady named Porsche...who is from Hawaii.

    Anyway, best wishes to you guys!