Communication Development Concerns

When the baby took his first steps at 8 months, I prepared myself to wait for his first word.  I looked at motor and communication skills as somewhat of a trade off.  He was obviously focusing his time and attention on walking so it was unreasonable to expect him to pick up talking too.  We read and talk often so I know he is being exposed to language.  So, 5 months later, whats the hold up?!

Now he is 13 months and I am starting to wonder if something is wrong.  I spoke with a friend yesterday who's son-of-the-same-age has a working vocabulary of not one, but several words!  My kid certainly babbles and seems to understand things that are spoken to him - but talking?  Not so much.  I do not even get a "mommy" with any kind of clarity or consistency! 

The problem with this is now that Ickey has all kinds of wants but lacks any kind of vocabulary, requests are given through whining and screaming.  Its hard for me to enforce "use your words" when he has no words to use!  And, its not just vocabulary, its all forms of communication.  He does not point, sign, indicate, nothing.  I feel like the only reason I know what he wants half the time is I know him.  Its prediction rather than interpretation. 

Predictably, he is starting to use his gross motor skills to let us know what he wants.  He physically climbs up our leg or into our lap, he will bring a book to us, or reach for a cup.  I need to figure out a way to teach him to use the skills he has to communicate his needs so he doesnt grow up to become that kid who screams for something instead of just asking. 

Are there ways that we can help our kids develop vocabulary or do they just pick it up and use it when they are good and ready?

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  1. I think he's probably just on the cusp of talking. He's probably just in between developmental stages so you should just keep watching and waiting.