Knox College Class of '33

Although I would never force him to choose the path I chose, its not like I would be upset if my son decided to attend my Alma Mater.  And I'm not going to purposely not talk about the good ole days, the special friends and wonderful memories; professors I will never forget, afternoon coffee on the Gizmo patio, walking in the freezing darkness back to Post after lacrosse practice, for fear that it would somehow be misinterpreted as "pressure".  Maybe he will hear those stories and realize what college is all about, just as I did listening to my dad prattle on and on about St Johns throughout my entire childhood.  Maybe he will hear those stories and want that for himself.  Something more than just an education, something more than a diploma.  To be a student, an athlete, part of a community, part of something small yet bigger than yourself, submersed in a world where the people around you share your values and ideals.  Its a great place.

btw ruth thanx for the shirt

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