Why Week: Why Keep a Blog?

"Why Week": the week where I rationalize all my crazy behavior.

I love blogging. I love to read and write all different kinds of weblogs. Blogging has been such a positive and enriching experience for me. Everytime I read a great post, I feel so thankful to that person for sharing their knowledge and insight with me. Here are the reasons I keep a blog and you should too!

  1. Blogs cultivate a sense of community. The blogosphere reaches far and wide. We can connect to people around the world who share our passions and interests, whether we are moms, military families, knitters, scientists, or mechanics. There is a niche in the blogosphere for everyone. Not something that is always easy to find in our hometowns!
  2. Blogs exercise your creativity. Sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with a blog. Pictures, text, video, audio, any type of media is fair game. Being an artist, I think that flexing your creative muscle is not only fun but necessary for a low-stress, fufilled life.
  3. Blogs keep you connected. I orginally began blogging to stay in touch with my family and, to that extent, this blog has been very successful. But, blogs can also be used to stay connected to your interests. You are not only able to access up-to-the-minute news on any topic, you also have a forum that allows you to contribute to the progress of knowledge. How cool!
  4. Blogs inspire. I love reading blogs that inspire me. I can always find some amazing idea about what to make for dinner, an activity to do with my son, a christmas gift to make, a movie to watch, what color I want to paint my kitchen, etc. I also love writing posts that I hope will inspire others! When I have thought of something particularly clever, or I find an idea that is cherry, I love posting it here knowing that the knowledge will be passed on to someone else who is looking for inspiration.
  5. Blogs teach. Anything you want to do - there is a blog about it somewhere. Usually, authors like answering questions about their posts - so its easy to get advice and tips directly from real people with real experience.
  6. Blogs are simple. It is so easy to create and manage a blog, anyone with enough computer know-how to be reading this should be able to keep a blog! Word Press, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad...the software is easy peasy.
  7. Blogs are relaxing. I love keeping Keiki on Board. I usually write when the baby is taking his morning nap (unless there is a pile of dishes or a mountain of laundry) and I think its so much more relaxing then vegging out in front of the TV. I feel like Doogie Howser.
  8. Blogs are free.
  9. Blogging keeps the mind sharp. When you know the world is going to be reading your writing and looking at your photos, it makes you want to put some genuine thought into the content of your work. Writing helps me stay on top of my spelling, vocabulary and compostition (although its always a work in progress) Blogging also allows me to keep up with basic advances in technology and the internet, something I find I have less and less direct interest in as I get older. I dont have an IPod and couldnt tell you how to use one - but I can write basic HTML codes!!!
  10. Blogs (especially mine) are cute! And in the end, isnt that what really counts?

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  1. Awesome!!!! I love you blog!!! No, this isn't spam. Hhahahah!