Christmas Rush and Crafty Craziness

I started my holiday crafting last week and I am now thinking I should have started it last month.

Because the move, the baby, and a slew of other reasons, money this year is tight tight tight and I am trying to craft as many gifts as humanly possible. This means that every free moment of my day is spent with knitting needles in hand and/or hunched over my sewing machine. Ive learned what I can and can not do when Ickey is awake (knitting = no, cooking = yes, sewing = sometimes), which has dramatically improved my time management. Despite my dedication, I still have the vague feeling that I wont be able to finish it all in time, especially considering all these gifts have to be shipping which cuts my time by an entire week!

Arrg! Im also annoyed that I cant share/brag about any of this stuff until after Dec 25th since I dont want to spoil the surprise for my loved ones. All that work and I cant even blog about it?! DENIED!

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  1. Oooooh, so excited for my presento!!