Why Week: Why Cook Meals at Home?

*Why Week: the week where I rationalize all my crazy behavior*

Almost anything you want to eat, from graham crackers to potstickers, can be found fully prepared and ready to go. Food has become accessible and convenient in all senses of the word. Life with kids is jam packed enough, so why should we spend our precious time making foods we can just buy at the store?

  1. Knowledge is power. Sure, you can read an ingredients label, but do you really know what "spices" means? Food manufacturers are regulated by complex laws that allow them to fudge on their descriptions, so its often difficult to know whether whats on the box is whats really going into your mouth. Making foods at home allows you to be fully enlightened when it come to what you eat.
  2. The ingredients can be modified. Dont want sugar or oil? Foods made from scratch can easily be modified and ingredients can be substituted so you are in control of what goes into that muffin. You can beef up the nutrition of favorite recipes by adding things like wheat germ, flax seeds, etc. You can customize your favorite foods by adding more of your favorite foods and less of the stuff you dont like.
  3. Its not as time consuming as it seems. I guarantee that you wont be slaving in the kitchen all day everyday. Because God gave us the freezer, we are now able to spend one day a week power-cooking and the rest of the week enjoying the fruits of our labor. Seriously, a few carefully planned items will go the distance and make a big difference for your health and taste. Like anything else, once you find a routine that works for you, whipping up homemade goods will seem as benign as folding your own laundry.
  4. It can be healthier. This is one of the main reasons I made things I could buy instead. When it comes to the babys food, knowing how much sugar, salt, etc. goes into his meals is critical. I can buy muffins but they are usually made with white flour and loaded with sugar and oil. I could buy ramen noodles but 99% of the time it comes with a side of MSG (Asian food lovers beware: label read carefully because MSG is in practically everything and you dont want to be eating it)
  5. Making food at home is fun! This may be a matter of taste, but I love the challenge of cooking something. If its edible - I win! Maybe you want awesome cupcakes like these vampire cupcakes at your New Moon premiere party (dont deny it). Or you could go for the zombie ones - but I dont think an English walnut came out looking too much like a brain. Whatever. Cooking, creating, its fun and it should be enjoyed!

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  1. Oooooh, I like your vampire cupcakes....