Trick or Treat! Sticky Rice and Mango Pumpkins

Halloween was a blast!  We went to an awesome party down in Waikoloa.  We were even able to squeeze in 3 houses of trick or treating between poker and ping pong!

Some people pulled out all the stops!  This garage in particular, with its rabid Easter bunny and ambiguously real or fake inhabitants was super spooky.  Ikaika did go all the way inside (walking on his own - I didnt carry him in) and after several enthusiastic encouragements ("look at the cute bunny!"  "Kaika, look! A mouse!"  "What a precious little dragon!"" etc) he even seemed to like the decorations, especially the anamatronic undead animals.

One person gave us pretzels and another gave fruit snacks so Im encouraged to see people chosing different options than straight up candy.  And the pretzels complimented by beer-in-a-plastic-cup perfectly!

I made these cute rice pumpkins for Halloween.  Its sticky coconut rice with mango slices underneath.  The pumpkin tops are celery greens.  I got the recipe at Super Healthy Kids and changed it slightly by using sweet/mochi rice (coloring the soaking water orange) and mixing the steamed rice with a coconut milk and sugar mixture.  I think they turned out so cute and they were good (although not as sweet as normal because I couldnt add too much milk or they wouldnt stick together).

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  1. I can't believe you're actually doing the master cleanse again. I will follow to see if you falter. Love the Halloween stores, yay!