Sewing my first Halloween Costume

I am so excited about this costume!!!

I was poking around Craftster and I came across this awesome Starfleet Commander's uniform. Thinking back to the countless hours I spent with my dad watching Star Trek the Next Generation, nights my sister and I would pretend our trundle bed was the USS Enterprise, and reveling in my general nerdiness, I knew this was the perfect first Halloween costume for my kid!

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! I can already tell that its going to get a life beyond Halloween. Its perfect for HPA basketball games.

I ended up using 2 T shirts from the thrift store ($1 each), cutting and piecing the whole thing back together. Im sure theres an easier way to do it, but all together this project still only ran me about 2 hours of time. The communicator and rank insignia are irridescent gold & silver puff paint. The sleeves are a bit short but I think this will work out well considering we are Trick-or-Treating in Waikoloa, Land of Hot.

Speaking of Trick-or-Treating, Im not sure how this is going to work out. We dont let Ickey eat candy and Mr A doesnt eat candy and I dont need to be eating any candy right now...so why are we even doing this? In all likliness we will knock on 3 doors, take a few pictures, and then head over to whoevers house has the BBQ and beer.

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  1. Hahahha! This is so awesome!! I can't believe you made it yourself! It's perfect!

    You have to take pictures of Ikaika with it on later!

    Happy Trick-or-Treating!!