The Master Cleanse

Two years ago I did "The Master Cleanse".  Its basically a 14 day fast where you only drink lemonade thats made of lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayanne pepper.  You take laxative tea at night and flush your bowels by drinking salt water in the morning.  I liked the results and want to give it another try.  Ive been feeling all weird since giving birth and would like a fresh and clean slate (not to mention my acne is starting to act up again).

This time around is different though because Im going it alone, Mr A and Baby Ickey will still be eating regularly.  In the interest of keeping this blog about babies and not about my colon, Ive decided to tweet about The Master Cleanse and keep the blog business as usual.  So follow the link in the side bar and follow my fasting on Twitter!

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