When Is the Right Time for the First Haircut?

The way this originally was explained to me, it is considered bad luck to cut a child's hair before they are a year old (Filipino superstitions).

Now that the boy is a year and some change, I think its time to give those golden locks a buzz, or at least a trim.  Mr A has been surprisingly resistant to the idea!  People have started mistaking our son for a girl, but not even a question of manhood could compel my darling husband to trim those curls!  I wonder why he's so anti-haircut?

I started putting his hair in ponytails in an attempt to drive home the reality of his androgony (the pink barrette was a bit overboard - but drastic times call for drastic measures) and Mr As only reply was that the baby looked like a "sumo wrestler!"

Hair grows back.  So do I cut it when Mr A is at work and let that be the final word or should I just let it grow because, in the end, its not that important to me anyway?   ..and that ponytail sure is cute.


  1. Okay, so we must have given ourselves the WORST luck in the history of bad luck because we cut Sam's hair like six times (maybe more!) before she was one. She just had so much hair and it got in her face, was annoying and not very cute. I think you have held out long enough! No worries about bad luck just do whatever you want with that beautiful boys hair!

  2. Cut it or let it grow. Just don't put his hair in a ponytail! Long hair is ok on youngins but ponytail is just too much!