A Year Ago Today

A year ago today I was sitting in a huge tub in my living room waiting for the human torpedo to fire. I was eating grapes and (sort of) laughing with Mr A about how crazy labor really is. I was pushing but nothing was happening. I took a shower, I took a walk. We went to the hospital, I had a break down and an epiphany about how truly expensive childbirth is. The tangled baby was pushed/pulled out, Mr A almost had a panic attack, I demanded a sandwich and told the nurse to get away from me when she tried to take the baby and weight him. It was so thrilling I hardly realized how much time had passed.

How can I even imagine what he will be like another year from now? Bigger, of course. More developed. Talking? Comprehending? Empathizing? Dare I dream - potty trained? Its amazing. Its exciting. I love being a mom.

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