The Biology of Parenting

Almost a year old. Sigh...

When I was in labor, clutching my belly and moaning into my husband's shirt, I pathetically looked up at my midwife, who has 8 children, and cried, "how could you ever do this again willingly?!" She chuckled, smiled and assured me, "after this is over, you will totally forget how it feels until the moment you go into labor again. Its biology." This same biology seems to be how we get through parenting. Even though I remember the frustrations, in retrospect, all the things that upset me seem so unimportant.

The world of toddlers comes with a whole new set of rules, new challenges and a new relationship for us. I hope that I can keep my eyes wide open and enjoy him for who he is, let the small stuff go and not spend too much time lingering on things I will most likely forget in the near future!

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  1. Oh, I thought you were gonna say that you're pregnant again!