Snuffy - the runny nose lifesaver

It goes by many names: Snuffy, Snuffalufagus, Squeegee, Nose Squishy. But, no matter what we call it, I couldn't survive a runny nose without it.

When I was pregnant and this was on the checklist, I was thinking 'i am ever going to use this thing?'. The answer is YES!!! Because the baby doesn't have the capability to blow his own nose, this thing gets all the boogers and snot out so he can breathe easy (for at least a few minutes). Our child actually sits still and let's us clear his nasal passages, probably because he enjoys the relief so much.

Ickey has had a runny nose for the past week and the one day we misplaced the Snuffy...well, let's just say it was ugly.

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