Ditching the Diapers - Phase Two: Wee Weka Knickers and Small Potty

All great minds think on the pot...

In case you were wondering - he's reading Little Husky's Big Game, a rhyming board book about The Apple Cup (UW vs WSU). I like the book because it uses terminology like "tight end", "nose guard", "screen", and "that punt's got hang time". Precious and educational. Ickey likes it because it combines his two great loves: dogs and football.

Notice the infant toilet. No baby bjorn but it is two pieces, easy to clean, and whimsical without being annoying.

So here are some training pants I made using the super SIMPLE tute for Wee Weka Knickers over at The Nappy Network.
Id like to thank my mother for sending me two shirts that no grown woman could ever hope to fit into! One shirt, as small as they were, made two pairs of knickers. I lined them with microfiber cloths I had in my diaper stash.

Even thought this material is surprisingly sturdy, I would like to try making trainers with PUL or some other water proofing material on the outside. The baby is far FAR from using the potty consistently so I'm trying to find the perfect compromise between full blown diapers and underwear.

I also want to figure out how to make one of these piddle pad things for the car seat! Although for 8 bucks - I should save myself some sanity and just buy the damn thing for Christmas.

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