1 Year Lu'au and O'ahu Trip (photo overload)

Home sweet home! We have returned safe, sound and exhausted from our four day destination lu'au for the baby's first birthday.

Mr A insisted that the first year party is the most important and after that we can just wrap a toy in a shoebox and call it good. So we went all out, packed a cooler of fish we caught here, and took the party to Oahu (the island Mr A is from). We had a delicious BBQ at Manu o ke Kai canoe club in Hale'iwa on the North Shore. It was so much fun and here is the photographic evidence.

At the Pali Lookout - looking over Kailua & Kaneohe. This is where the decisive battle between King Kamehameha (a Big Island resident) and the Oahu resistance happened. After that, more or less, the islands were united. Its said that he "pushed" them over the Pali - but I heard they may have jumped. Tres Okinawan!

Hanging out on Sunset Beach, North Shore. The sand is made mostly of shells, which means its downy soft but sticks like a mother. This morning I was still picking it off my scalp!

Friday night we went to the Leilehua High School (family alma mater) football game. Mr As daughter came out from Oregon to join us for the weekend. This was one of those heartwarming moments where I was reminded that Ikaika is really lucky to have an older sister.

LHS has a rifle team. Anyone else think this could be an episode of Cheaters?

Next, we went to Waipio and visited the family grave. Its actually the grave of Mr As grandfather (Papa Arrayan doesnt have a stone - his ashes were scattered at the beach we went to later that day). The baby wanted to eat our offerings. Took us an hour and a map just to find the thing! But, now that Ive seen it once I will be able to find it forever.

Time for the lu'au! Daddy A with his kids. This is quite possibly the best picture I have ever taken of a group - everyone looks great including the toddler! I mean, that is some kind of accomplishment!

I also want to point out that I finished the birthday shirts. They look cute, yes? If only Mr A werent wearing that garish red hat (men!).

Time for paddling! Obviously we didnt let the baby out on the open sea, but I did let him sit in the canoe while we moved it down shore.

View of the famous Rainbow Bridge in Hale'iwa. We paddled up the river for about a mile and all around the harbor. There were beautiful, pristine views but it was tough work getting there!

Paddle boarding. Basically you stand up on a surf board with a long oar and paddle yourself around. There were small waves in the harbor so we actually got to "surf" for real! I screamed like an idiot on the first wave I caught (like "woooohooo", not "ahhhhh!"). I think Im hooked.

We stopped by Aunty Dana and Uncle Pats house on the way to the airport. This is Timo, Ikaikas second cousin (?), hes only one month younger and just as sweet as they come. I cant wait for them to be old enough to play together - I may OD on the cuteness.

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