Making some decisions about renovating the blog...

Its time for change.

Im launching my online store for refashioned/recycled childrens clothes, Keiki On Board, in the next two months. I am linking a blog to the store.


do I leave The Arrayan Baby Blog as it is and continue using it as the baby/living in Hawaii update place and create a new, more crafting-centric blog for Keiki on Board


do I change the format (and URL) of TABB and make it more of a "my life" kind of blog, crafting included, and link that to the store?

Jodie keeps great blog that is linked to her business and she says it best when she says
"My name is Jodie and I am a blogger... I am also a photographer. Oh, and a mom... This blog is not about that, but then it is, and sometimes it isn't. This blog is my life. My kids, my work, my struggles, my joys. My professional blog that is totally personal. And I love it."

I dont know if I have what it takes to maintain two blogs simultaneously. Besides, how can I talk about my crafts if I dont talk about my family and how can I write about my family without writing about Hawaii? Its all too connected to compartmentalize into separate blogs. My designs are inspired by my family, where I live, and the things I do. If I am linking a blog to my store shouldnt that blog give people a peek into my creative process?

What do you think?


  1. It should definitely all be in the same place. Like you said, it is all way too connected to be compartmentalized.
    I can't wait to see the store!! So excited for the changes that you have coming. Good luck.

  2. I don't know that I think you need a craft-specific blog, unless you imagine that you will have a lot to say on the topic. So, I say keep the general format and link it to the store.

  3. I agree! This blog is perfectly fine to talk about all those things and combine it all into one. Besides, you can always just change the title of this blog and change the background but just leave the content as is. Do not touch!!